PPGEAN is recommended by the Brazilian Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES) as an Academic Master’s Degree Program in the “Agricultural Sciences I” area and has been graded 4 in the last CAPES evaluation (2017-2020). The evaluation is carried out every four years covering several subject areas. The grades for graduate programs with a master’s degree only are: 3 (regular), 4 (good), and 5 (very good). CAPES is a foundation of the Ministry of Education that aims to expand and consolidate stricto sensu graduate programs (master’s and doctoral degrees) in all states of Brazil.

The Evaluation of the National Graduate System is guided by the Evaluation Board and carried out with the participation of the academic-scientific community through ad hoc consultants. The objectives of the evaluation are to certify graduate quality and identify regional asymmetries and strategic subject areas to guide induction actions in the creation and expansion of graduate programs in Brazil. For more details about the graduate evaluation, visit CAPES website at