Maurício Sedrez dos Reis

Professor dos Reis holds an undergraduate degree in Agriculture (UFSC – 1983), a master’s degree in Plant Science (UFRGS – 1986) and a doctoral degree in Genetics and Breeding (ESALQ/USP – 1996). Presently, he serves as a professor in the Department of Agriculture, Biodiversity and Forests at the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina. He has been actively involved in teaching in the Graduate Program in Agricultural and Natural Ecosystems since its establishment in 2016. Moreover, he holds the role of Coordinator of the Tropical Forest Research Center at UFSC, where he is deeply engaged in research and development initiatives. His research encompasses a diverse array of subjects, including population genetics, demography, reproductive biology, ethnobotany, domestication, conservation, and management of native forest species, particularly those that yield non-timber forest resources.

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