Alexandre Siminski

Professor Siminski holds an undergraduate degree in Agriculture from the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (2001) and earned both his master’s and doctoral degrees in Plant Genetic Resources from UFSC (2004 and 2009, respectively). He currently serves as a professor at UFSC Curitibanos Campus and is a researcher at the Tropical Forest Research Center (NPFT). His expertise lies in the fields of Agriculture and Forest Engineering, with a primary emphasis on native forests. He primarily works on topics related to ecology, inventory and management of natural resources, rural development, secondary forest formations, and forestry. He actively participates in the following research groups: Forest Resources Management and Technology (UFSC), Ecosystem Ecology (UFSC), and Tropical Forest Research Center (UFSC).

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The research activities carried out by Professor Siminski  can be found at:you tube

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